Lyle 20 / okt / 13:38

u are a quake addict when?
u are a quake addict when:

(!) u try to pic up things by just walking through them

(!)u rip off all the wall paper and paint everything a really ugly color so u can see enemies more clearly

(!)'re in the army and you wonder if you can make the rocketjump over a river

(!) actually try the rocketjump
(!).. you've just crashed your car and are trying to explain it was lag
(!) jump off a 3 story building onto a first aid kit, and you wonder why it doesn't heal your broken legs
(!)...your homosexual boss shows you his latest chart/plot, and you say: omfg, that's a ghey map!
(!) arrive at a birthdayparty empty handed, and try to explain you had some packetloss...
(!) say "Owned." to the people behind you when you manage to be the first in the queue at the supermarket.
(!) say "Crappy map" when you stumble
(!) own a rocket launcher (WTF !???!?)
(!) u jerk off with hunter (OMG lol)
(!)when you press the light-switches with youre whole body
(!)When you think you will only loose 10 health no matter how far you fall
(!)when u dress the same as sarge
(!)when you call your boss a low ping bastard
when your boss calls you a high ping whiner
(!)when keep jumping in the street like a maniac saying: "Duhh! Duhh! Duhh! Duhh! Duhh! Duhh!"
(!)when you call your father 'Sarge'
(!)when you have a Q3 towel
(!)you predict everyone's movement on the street and decide to use either rocket, rail, or lg =D
(!)after having sex with yor girlfriend you say "Good Game" (HEH)
(!)when your foot isfreezing and you accidentaly hit it in the edge of your bed really hard but you don't feel any pain right away and in that fraction of a second you think it's because of the lag.
(!) a bar, you order a "mega"
(!)When u'r walking on the street and see theres a man sitting on a benk, u walk towards him and call him a camper :P:P
gosh this is so true!
MailmanMel 20 / okt / 16:02  
eee, mis f*****g uudis see on? :/

btw, kes yldse lylele uudiste admini õigused andis? See kyll eriti tark tegu polnud nagu hetkel näha on :P :D
Lord Nikon 20 / okt / 17:11  
Imho suht hea uudis. Hommikune lugemine tegi päeva palju paremaks ;)
sTeaLth 20 / okt / 17:53  
päris fun imo. mõned punktid olid päris head
mailman ära whine'i
ja lyle, tee ikka tihedamini uudiseid :P
Lyle 20 / okt / 18:24  
ma hakkasin kirjutama sinna lühitutvustusse,et lololol see pole mingi uudis jne aga php väitis,et jutt on liiga pikk ,.. kustutasin selle rea ära siis =)
aga nagunii keegi midagi ei kirjuta ju , mingi 1 uudis kuus vms :(
fun -i lugemist peaks ka olema imo
Muudetud 1 korda, viimati 20 / okt / 18:24 Lyle poolt.
mcv 20 / okt / 21:20  
selle GG jätab siis järgmiseks korraks meelde vms :D
cobra 20 / okt / 21:58  
Nii masendav.........
MailmanMel 21 / okt / 15:11  
tegelt päris fun asi oli, aga then again, milline quaker selliseid asju omast käest ei tea?
rnm:) 21 / okt / 17:47  
uuuuuuuu mis see quake on?:)
rnm:) 21 / okt / 17:47  
m6t3tu on vist rohkem 8elda
illu 21 / okt / 18:31  
Muudetud 1 korda, viimati 21 / okt / 19:51 illu poolt.
sTeaLth 22 / okt / 16:22  
mis krdi pilt see uudises on???
Sp33d 22 / okt / 18:11  
yeh, pilt on tõesti kahtlane
Lyle 24 / okt / 14:44  
seal on mingi polosaty ja teised vene tüübid
tsiken 25 / okt / 17:13