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MailmanMel 23 / dets / 18:21  
So, there you are, in front of your PC,
Waiting for Quad on Dm3.
Then all of a sudden it strikes you as odd,
You're really becoming an antisocial sod.

Your mates have names like mav and zero,
Someone called 'Sujoy' is your hero.
You never seem to leave your house,
You are not happy unless you're holding your mouse.

All your money was spent on Games,
You thought that skill would give you fame.
You felt held back by your modem speed,
"A faster connection is what I need."

Your dream was to have a ping that is low
And a fast PC, yours was much too slow.
More Frames per second and a real low ping...
"Think of the popularity that would bring!"

You're getting sad, there is no doubt,
When Quake is all you think about.
Ping and PC's, and the rest of that,
Forget it all, stop being a twat.
Sp33d 24 / dets / 09:59  
üleskutse kõigile planclastele ^^
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copy paste rnm